Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I service my aerobic tank and why?

Aerobic systems must be serviced every 6 months to assure that the system is getting the proper airflow and that the bacteria are present to properly treat the wastewater.

The word aerobic simply means “air.” Aerobic systems work by saturating the wastewater with oxygen. This allows aerobic bacteria to form. This aerobic bacteria then feed on the micro-organisms and organic matter in the wastewater. This process is what eliminates the odor.

How often should I get my septic tank pumped?

Pump your septic tank regularly- before a problem shows up!
According to Fast Plumbers, lateral line systems should be pumped every 4-6 years. This will slow the build-up of biological growth, referred to as Bio-Mat, which builds up in lateral lines, causing them to fail. Aerobic Systems should be pumped every 2-5 years.

What can I do to extend the life of my septic tank?

    1. Garbage disposals should be used sparingly. Scrape as much food debris off into the trash as possible. Heavy garbage disposal usage will require having the tank pumped twice as often.
      Tip: Continue running water for 30 seconds after turning off the disposal. This reduces the likelihood of sink odor.
    2. Space out laundry loads over the course of the week. A load or two per day, rather than back-to-back loads on Saturday allows your system to better process the incoming wastewater and reduces the chance of overloading the system.
    3. Use only liquid laundry and dishwasher detergents. Powdered detergents use a type of clay base as a “carrier.” This clay base solidifies on the walls of your pipes.
    4. Water conservation is important. Low volume showerheads, faucets and toilets and being “water-conscious” can easily reduce the load on your septic system by 50-60 gallons a day- that’s about 20,000 gallons per year!
    5. Fix leaky faucets or running toilets immediately. If you have a two-way sewer cleanout in your yard (usually a white pipe sticking up a few inches, just a foot or two away from the house) you can easily check for leaks by looking down into the two-way cleanout pipe.
    6. No mop water, harsh cleaners, baby wipes, diapers, medicines, paper towels, feminine products, condoms, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, grease, automatic toilet bowls cleaners, paints, stains, thinners, pesticides, kitty litter or anything else that might harm the good bacteria in your septic system.

What is the warranty on your septic tanks?

At Biggs Storm Shelters we stand behind our products.

Below ground shelters include a warranty that guarantees there will be no leakage in the concrete structure for a period of ten years from the date of installation.

Do you require a deposit?

We do not require a deposit on below ground or above ground concrete safe rooms. Our above ground steel safe rooms are custom made to order and require a deposit.

When do I have to pay for my septic tank?

Full payment of shelter is required upon installation. We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Do you work with rebate programs?

As one of the oldest and most reputable storm shelter companies in the state, we have been part of the earliest rebate programs and continue to meet all of the standards for current participation.