About Us


Established in March 1981 by Earl and Nita Biggs, who personally installed all our storm shelters and septic systems for many years. Biggs Backhoe has grown and prospered over the years.  Biggs Backhoe started out and has remained a family owned and operated business that is based on quality service and care.  Three generations of the Biggs’ Family work for Biggs Backhoe along with fifteen to eighteen great employees.  We have worked diligently to earn our esteemed reputation and we continue to strive to build our business.   We care about our customers and look forward to serving Oklahoma for many years and generations to come.

Biggs has more than 37 years of experience in the septic system industry. Our excellent products and service-oriented attitude have earned us a great reputation. Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself!

We offer services for homebuilders as well as homeowners. All of our new septic systems installed in Oklahoma come with a two-year warranty. Biggs ensures that your system is working properly by scheduling routine inspections every six months for the first two years. These inspections are included in the cost of your aerobic septic system and allow us to keep your system working as it should and do any preventive maintenance it may need. Once your warranty period is complete, we offer a maintenance plan for an annual fee.

Once your warranty period is complete, we offer a maintenance plan. Your schedule continues as it had during your warranty period, and we simply keep you on the same schedule, checking your system every six months. Our service includes checking all floats, timers, filters, diffusers, sprinklers and all other inspection requirements to ensure your system performs at its best.

Are you looking for service for your already-installed septic system? Biggs can service your septic system for a very reasonable annual fee. Our reliable service professionals inspect your system twice a year and perform all necessary maintenance.

Go Biggs or Go Home!